A chapter is from 2 – 200+ volunteers. Your chapter will make binkies and deliver them to the children and teens in need by you. Some chapters are with family members, friends, churches, brownie troops, schools. Many chapters start from scratch with new friends they meet as a result of asking for help in their local papers. For more information, please contact director, Susan Staebell at blasst@sbcglobal.net

An Area Coordinator is a representative of Binky Patrol in a given area, neighborhood or region. Area Coordinators are the glue for a Binky Patrol chapter. Responsibilities include:

  • Being the spokesperson for the local chapter to their community and local media.
  • Hosting regular meetings once or twice a month.
  • Sharing the information between the local chapter and national headquarters.

An Area Coordinator helps to eliminate duplication of efforts and keeps everything consistent. They send out press releases to media and other correspondences, determine where their chapter’s binkies will be delivered and correspond with Corporate Headquarters with updated information about their chapters and the members involved.

They facilitate brainstorming sessions on new ways to recruit new members and raise awareness in their communities. The Area Coordinator sends photos from their groups activities to Headquarters to be shared in newsletters and other promotions. Also, they keep track of expenses, contributions, and submit chapter reports on a quarterly basis.

A chapter will consist of many different people, personalities, talents and skill levels. It is important to delegate and let people volunteer where their strengths and interests lie. An Area Coordinator needs a sense of humor and fair play. Also, you will find greater success if you organize your chapter by delegating responsibilities such as mailings, research for deliveries, and donations to your stronger volunteers.

If you are interested in possibly starting a chapter, click here to fill out a form.