Sometimes we receive odd fabric as part of a donation.  It may work for clothing, but not so great for binkies, unless you think outside the blanket!

We received a large roll of black, stretchy, tube fabric – about 30 inches wide.  What do to with THAT?!

BINKY BAGS.  I thought about how nice it is to have an easy to store and use sleeping bag.  I put two tubes together and sewed their ends.  Then, I reached in and pulled it through like a pillow case or duvet cover to create a double layer of the tube.

Next, I evened up the top  and cut a 6" slit at one side to make it easier to trim.
I sewed the two ends together to hold it as one piece.

I still have some amazing HOFFMAN FABRIC Batiks. I used a magenta, black and lavender cotton batik.

8 in strip with a one inch fold down ironed.
Then, I pinned it around the top folding over the inside and outside of the bag top and sewed.
It trimmed the top beautifully giving it a spark of personality. I used a scrap to tie a bow around it and now I have a perfect gift for a church in New Mexico collecting blankets and coats.

1 hour.