In February, 1997, an article hit the Los Angeles Times telling everyone about Binky Patrol and asking if anyone wanted to help by volunteering, donating materials and other items.

 This is a representative from Orange County Social Services hugging a binky made with Hoffman Fabric!

Tony Hoffman called Susan Finch.  Susan, who loves fabric, has never been particular enough to understand what a call from Tony Hoffman meant.  The quilters and REAL seamstresses in the group tried to explain it to her.

Susan was invited to their warehouse in Mission Viejo to meet with Tony and “see how they might be able to help.” WOW!  This HUGE facility was FILLED with the most stunning fabrics she had seen.  She was given a tour to show how fabric is made — from the artists’ tables to shipping.  Tony showed her the “library” of EVERY fabric Hoffman has ever made.  It was fascinating.

Susan left Hoffman’s with no fewer than 15 full 60″ rolls of fabric.  Hoffman’s generosity has continued over the past four years.  Every event, every special request – Tony Hoffman says “yes.”  He has saved our Bink-A-Thons, helped our chapters who couldn’t find local resources. 

We have been invited for a “field trip” to get the same tour this Spring.  Hopefully in May, 2001.  Then, volunteers can also enjoy marveling at Tony Hoffman’s surfboard collection that lines the upper level of the warehouse.

Hoffman California Fabrics is a true Binky Partner doing what they already to so well.  Thank you.