We had a great time at our Bink-A-Thon!  I feel like we got a lot accomplished.  We made 35 Binkies and have 2 more that are almost done and a few extra tops.  We had about 30 people off and on throughout the day.

Part of the gang displaying some binkies. Our professional ironer Diane ironed all day!
Virginia Rogers and Fina Henrickson were the best pinning crew! Sydney Roark, Holly Polhill, Alyse Cato and Katie Cato tying those binkies.

Several were first time volunteers and boy were they helpful!!!  We also had food from Pat & Oscar’s (pizza and salad) which was great.  A lady from one of our local papers came and she stayed about 1 1/2 hours.  She was talking to everybody.  She is hoping to get an article in the Californian on Wed. I’ll let you know if it comes out.  I’ll send you a copy.  We also have a representative from The Press Enterprise coming out tomorrow.  I think they want to see the results of our efforts.  It was GREAT fun.