A note of thanks

Binky Patrol,

Hello my name is Christina Cuevas and I am the Associate Director of childcare for The Salvation Arms Santa Fe Springs Transitional Living Center. We are a homeless shelter for mothers and their children. We recently received a donation of your beautiful Binkies. I just wanted to tell you what it means to us to have received this donation. Our children do not have much to call their own and the smallest things that they can claim ownership to means so much to them. We distributed your binkies amongst our preschool children. They use them to snuggle with during their naptime, they are so proud to climb into their cot and cuddle with a blanket they can call their own. I only wish I could send a picture of the little angels sleeping with them, but because many of these children are in hiding I can not. Keep doing what you are doing your efforts make a difference in a childs life.

God Bless You,

Christina Cuevas