I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for starting your organization.

My son received a Binky blanket from your group when he had to spend a few days in an incubator just after he was born. Although I was preoccupied with my son’s health, I couldn’t help but to notice the blankets on all of the incubators. I remember thinking, “How strange are all these seemingly mismatched blankets, but how nice of someone to donate them.” The baby care room was a sea of color!

We used that blanket for the first six months after we brought him home. Only when summer came did we put it away. Now that my son is almost three years old he has taken a liking to the Binky blanket and wants to sleep with it even though it’s getting warm at night again. Thank you again for what you have done. I felt all alone just after my son was born, but your blanket told me that someone cared.

Sincerely, Paul D. Williams

My son was born at St. Joseph’s in the city of Santa Ana, CA. on November 26, 1998.