Not Your Typical Happy Ending

On a Tuesday morning, Binky Patrol founder, Susan Finch received a call from St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange. The pediatric nurse told her that a mother who was about to give birth requested a binky.

Susan asked if the child was ill. The nurse told her that the mom and dad knew that their baby would be born, but they would never be able to take her home. She was to be stillborn.

The mom had heard about Binky Patrol and wanted their baby to be wrapped up in love from others. Since the pregnancy was difficult, they knew early on this would be the outcome. There was no baby shower, no baby presents, therefore – no blankets for this little angel. She needed a binky.

Susan couldn’t leave her office. The baby was to be delivered in one hour. She called Eclipse Messenger Service and told them the story. They were at her office within five minutes and went directly to the hospital, up to the nurses station and handed the binky over just in time.

This little angel was wrapped in love, held by mom and dad with love and then kissed goodbye.