Commpro International is where Binky Patrol Founder, Susan Finch works full time.  In 1996 when Susan was looking to get back into the Marketing/Communications industry, a friend told her that Greg Smith was looking for Public Relations/Front office support.

They hit it off over lunch.  Binky Patrol had only started two months prior to this meeting and she knew it would be big.  Greg Smith could hear it in her voice and see it in her face – this is truly something special that is going to take off.

When he hired her, he knew that Binky Patrol was coming too.  Within the first week, his son – Alex and a coworker – Greg Thome built the first Binky Patrol website and taught Susan how to maintain it.  Little did she know this would soon become her career.

Within a few months of learning her first bit of HTML, Alex moved, Greg Thome took another position and Susan and Greg were IT. 

Binky was featured in many magazines and newspapers during this time and was growing also.  Greg Smith enlisted the help of copywriter, Cindy Brauer, to help with brochure copy, press releases.  Cindy has been an incredible volunteer helping with every writing need ever since.

Through Commpro, Binky Patrol has been able to produce full-color brochures on the ends of other print jobs.  Creative solutions without costing Commpro money, but REALLY helping out.  Graphic designer, Mike Miyamura has also helped with many graphic needs including BP letterhead, cards, posters.  It has become a great team at Commpro.

Between the phones calls coming in, volunteers dropping/picking up binkies and Susan’s wacky schedule because of speaking engagements, pickups, etc.  Commpro has been a most valuable Binky HERO! 

Commpro is a Web Development firm whose clients include:  The City of Anaheim, The City of Brea, Leisure World Laguna Woods, City of Laguna Woods, Crevier BMW, Century West BMW, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Expercent.

Thank you.