In 1996, Binky Patrol founder Susan Finch was completely hooked on the food at Wahoo’s Fish Taco.  This funky, Baja-surf restaurant makes THE BEST fish, chicken, beef and pork tacos anywhere!

Binky Patrol’s first Bink-A-Thon was in the works and food was needed to keep the volunteers sewing during the six hour event.  Susan approached brothers, Wing Lam and Mingo Lee about participating.  Wing met Susan at their Costa Mesa location.  He listened and was shaking his head.

Wahoo’s is where surfers, snowboarders and other extreme sport enthusiasts hang out.  It’s also where kids come for healthy, great food for not much money.  Wing and his brothers and everyone at Wahoo’s constantly give and give to the communities where their restaurants are.  They help children, teens, schools, large organizations like Adoption Guild, CF, MS and others.  But SEWING and Wahoo’s????

Wing decided to give it a try.  They fed 75 people at our event the first year, 150 in 2000.  They continue to try to connect Binky Patrol with other companies that can help them from stickers to banners to publicity.  They have believed in our mission.  Their mother even makes binkies.

Catering Director, Lisa Kim is always torn between serving food or making binkies.  We’ll see what happens this year!