Great way to welcome the Thanksgiving Holiday

What a great way to welcome the Thanksgiving Holiday. We had the privilege today of delivering 40 blankets, toys, baskets, baby gear to the Good Neighbor Center & Shelter in Tigard Oregon.  This was the follow up to the Bink-A-Thon last month: to learn more.

Girl Scout Troop (# I forget) joined us for this special outing after helping make baskets of toys and binkies.

Misha is handing house mother, Pam, one of the 40 baskets we delivered.  Pam has been with the center for 9 years.

Good Neighbor serves families only.  It is a place to give families skills to get out of their situation of homelessness and better their lives.

Pam told us that some of the items they need most are trash bags, diapers, toiletries, linens.  When families leave they are given a box of food and items that will help them furnish their apartments.  Nothing goes to waste.  Local grocery stores:  Haagan Foods, Fred Meyer, New Seasons and others keep the food coming in. They even have a supply of birthday cakes in their walk in freezer for special occasions.  Birthdays and new jobs are celebrated each week!

Pam says, "This community is what runs the center.  The kindness and blessings they give to us through volunteer hours and donations have kept this as a successful haven for those experiencing hard times."

Target and Costco also help with donations each week. Ever wonder what happens to packages that are accidentally torn open and can’t be sold? Places like the Good Neighbor Center receive them as donations.

If Good Neighbor Center cannot use what has been donated to them, they pass it along to another local agency.  The donated items and supplies are never sold, but passed along again and again until they are able to be used.

Special thank you to Austin and Savannah for willingly, sort of, giving up some of their toys that needed new homes.  The girls in the troop worked very hard to finish MANY binkies to include.  There were also 20 that arrived from New Mexico last week to Binky Patrol Headquarters in time for this delivery.